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Failure forms and causes of belt conveyor idlers (1)

Published in 2020-04-27

The idler is one of the main components of the belt conveyor, which accounts for a large proportion of the cost of the whole machine. Idlers are also the main vulnerable parts of belt conveyors. Their running conditions not only affect the stability and operation cost of belt conveyors, but also the damaged idlers may scratch the conveyor belts and cause greater losses.
Knowing the cause of roller damage and preventing it during design and use can greatly improve the efficiency of belt conveyor, reduce losses and reduce costs.
1. roller skin wear
It is mainly worn to the middle of the idler, and the wear of some rollers at the edge of the conveyor belt will cause fracture.
Main cause:
1) the idler has large rotation resistance, and the frictional resistance between the idler and the conveyor belt is large, resulting in friction.
2) the rotation direction of the idler has a deflection angle with the running direction of the conveyor belt, causing the deflection friction resistance to cause the idler wear.
3) the idler itself operates in a bad environment, causing friction between the idler and material or other articles.
2. idler bearing damage
It is mainly that the idler bearing rotates inflexibly, the bearing point wears out, and there is serious rust failure, causing the idler not to rotate.
Main cause:
1) the selection of belt conveyor idlers is unreasonable, resulting in the expiration of bearing life.
2) the sealing effect of the idler bearing is not good, which results in grease pollution, resulting in poor lubrication of the bearing.
3) the belt conveyor idler assembly is filled with small amount of grease or poor quality of grease, resulting in failure of lubrication of idlers.
4) the design of the belt conveyor is unreasonable, the idler rolls resonate, and the bearing damage is accelerated.
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